Fantaste Deutschland GmbH

Customs Clearance


We offer fast, efficient customs clearance for both your road , air and ocean freight. Our professional Fantaste team have specialist knowledge in compliance in import and export regulations. Send us the documents, we will do the rest.


Cargo letter
Always use an original CMR cargo letter for shipments to non EU countries.


Commercial invoice
The following items must be included on the commercial invoice:
     • Goods description including statistic codes (HS-codes)
     • Gross & nett weight; packaging types and amount
     • Value per piece and the Total value of the shipment
     • Currency of the transaction
     • Country of origin and destination
     • Name and address of importer and exporter
     • Bank details of the importer and exporter
     • Delivery conditions (Incoterms)
     • Date of issue


Packing list
This document contains details about the content of the shipment. A packing list is in case of export to customs countries not always obligatory, but it could simplify the customs procedures. Make sure to check (in advance) whether a packing list is required.


General tips
     • Do not put important documents on the pallet. Always give them to the driver. Please send a copy via e-mail to us, so we can do a pre-check beforehand.
     • If you want Mainfreight to do the export for you we need a one time authorisation so we can do the declaration for you.
     • Please note: signatures on documents must always be written in blue ink and need to be original. A copy or stamp is not valid.
     • Please use statistics numbers of your Invoice.


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